Broken down in Woodstock VA


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The smallest truck with a ramp is the 15'.

Woodstock Self Storage (U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer)

23540 Old Valley Pike Woodstock, VA 22664
(540) 459-9010
Standard Hours
Mon-Sat: 9 am - 6 pm
Sun: 9 am - 12 pm


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Looks like they have a 15' truck available for a one-way to Orange County for $131. Better go get some straps and a come-along (if you don't have enough help loading).
Sounds like the same thing that happened to you happened to my buddy with his R1200RT a few years ago- he "spun" a driveshaft. The elastomer bond between the inner & outer shaft tubes failed. He was on his way to S.D. from JAX , attempting a 50CC. It happened near Tallahassee. The bike was still under warranty, but the local BMW dealer wanted $1,500 up-front to look at the bike since they thought the clutch may have failed due to abuse.

My buddy rented a diesel pick-up and hauled the bike ( and his butt ) up to Green Bay to his dealer there.
BMW made him whole on his claim for the room & truck rental, BTW.

Unfortunately, it took his dealer a month to get the replacement drive shaft.

I checked, the driveshaft for the K1600 is the same design as for the R1200RT.

R1200RT : R1200RT Driveshaft.png

K1600GT : K1600GT.png
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:plus1: For my C-14 Concours. I just bought a like-new driveshaft off EBay for $25 , BTW. Now that I have a spare, the original driveshaft will never fail while I own the bike - cheap insurance !
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