Bubbler Question


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Paul Knight is on the Key West/ Deadhorse ride and his position has stopped at Wickersham Trailhead south of the Yukon River. He is using bubbler and I'm unfamiliar with it. An employee at Yukon Camp said that internet stops at Wickersham, and that's probably why there are no position updates. Is anyone familiar with this issue?


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I use Bubbler GPS.
Yes - in a way - that could very well be the case. If there's no cell service in an area, the Spotwalla page will not be updated until the user moves to an area where they re-gain cell phone service. The android phone, running Bubbler, send the data information via a cell signal to a cell tower and there is gets sent to the Internet via the data connection through the phone.
A friend of mine uses a Spot device (satellite tracking ) and said even that can have problems out in some Western states in the mountains. Just like a GPS receiver can lose signal in some areas.



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Thanks for the corroboration Mike. Paul called my from Deadhorse about 9PM our time and said he was aware of that anomaly. I've been using SPOT (gen 1) since they came out. I love it...No need for a newer model, and it tracked me to Deadhorse last year without missing a beat.