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I've been to Canada on my bike and car, I was just going to Niagara falls each time and had a destination when they asked where I was going, but my question is what do the riders tell the border police when they are in a rally and are chasing bonuses in Canada, do you tell them you are part of a rally?
Rodney. I done several state side runs coming from Canada. I told the US custom agent that I was on a Iron Butt run and it was not an issue. So I'm sure it would be the same coming into Canada.

Probably not in your best interests to indicate that you have anything to gain (financially) or that can be construed that way, like potential for prize money. Sightseeing is an awesome reason to visit Canada.


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"Photographic scavenger hunt". Most recently during the MN1k with our planned bonus list plainly visible in the map pouch of the tank bag. Strangely enough, it is always coming back that is the most difficult. Even with flip up helmets the... officer... typically insists Tamara has to remove her helmet to be matched to her passport.


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I can only speak as a Canadian, but I have always been scrutinized a lot more by the US boarder guards than the Canadian ones. I have yet to cross over to the US for the purposes of an IBA ride, but any time I was just out for a ride and didn't have a specific destination in mind they didn't give me any trouble. Same coming home. They are mostly concerned about whether or not I have anything to declare. Again, I don't always have a destination planned on re-entry, just ride until I see a motel I want to stop at and haven't had any trouble. I wouldn't shy away from telling them you are attempting to complete an IBA ride, but I wouldn't say anything that makes it sound like you are in a race of any kind.