Centreline 24 Attempt - 15 March

Dan Simmonds

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One last IBA ride attempt before I let Alan Joyce and his capable aircraft take me back to the US in just a few more days time.

I am planning to depart Darwin City here 15 March, roughly 6 am local NT time (give or take an hour or so) enroute straight to Port Augusta.

The same Spotwalla link will be active once again:


I use the term 'attempt' here profoundly as I have seen many dozens of cattle on the roadside (both dead and alive) in recent days all across the top end here, so I may well have to keep the speed down.

I plan to finish at the Coles / Shell at the west end of Pt. Augusta.

Dan Simmonds
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Martin Little

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All power to you Dan!

I'm looking forward to following your progress and hope to see you in Sydney before Mr Joyce's plane takes you back Stateside