Chris Mc Gaffin


Premier Member
Chris has decided to stand down as President of IBA Ireland. He has handed over the mantle to Graeme Ferguson, Graeme is a world traveller with hundreds of thousands of miles, including many IBA cert rides and rallies, on his Beloved K1100 LT-SE, although a Goldwing now shares the load, a worthy successor.
Chris is not going away, he will continue to be involved in the operations of IBA Ireland.
Chris is a larger than life character who is respected across the worldwide IBA family. his time spent in the USA including 3 Iron Butt Rallies has gained him many lifelong friends. He has been Rally Master to many IBA rallies across Europe and has created many IBA rides, including the excellent, Iceland, Isle of Man and Sicily SS1000 Trifecta rides.
Chris will be back in the field for the 2023 Iron Butt Rally and will no doubt enjoy many rides and adventures to come.
Without Chris, there would be no IBA Ireland. He took it from nowhere to more than 160 participants in the IBA Ireland Photo Rally of 2022.
We thank him for all he's done.