Christmas Ride to Eat to Calais


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John.... as much as I hate it, I need to disagree with you...

Last years route home from the family bar to the hotel was more like.......


Is the Pharmacy a bonus point.......

The dry cleaner could come in handy too.....


Mr Brit Butt Tour
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Have a right good weekend you lot.
Wish I could be there,but hy ho i'll be there next year.
I will go for a ride somewhere on Saturday at least I will file the chill factor if not the drink.
Have fun JC.


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Shame your not going to be there Coxy, but as you say next year you will be mate.
That said you may have to come and dig us all out from the snow on Sunday if the forecast is right.:eek:
Keeping a close eye on the weather.
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Mr Brit Butt Tour
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Don't worry Mr Cuniffe Land Rover is standing by with snow chains and shovel are in the back to recover the Yorkshire contingent.

Bob M

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Hi guys,
After the Andorra run I didn`t think I would be able to make this one but 'er indoors has given me the green light so Rob Marsh and myself will be coming. don`t think we`ll get there till about 4pm though, hope that's ok. cheers, Bob.
Thanks all for a great weekend...... it was.... errrr...... interesting at times....;) (Friday night.....especially).

Hope everyone made it home safely....


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Thanks everyone who attended what a great weekend.
Good to meet Daz who i think enjoyed himself and look forward to seeing you all at Johns in January .
Finally back home pulled into Cambridge services to miss the freeze overnight.
Thanks for a great weekend see you all at Johns I hope