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Discussion in 'BMW K-bikes' started by Roy Kjendal, Dec 28, 2015.

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    I run around 46 on my pressure guage which indicates 42 on the TPMS.
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    I run my GYTT at 30-32 for even wear. On my ST, if I run it higher, the center wears out before the sides.
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    What is the OEM pressure for your rear tire
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    I put a CT on my K1600GTL today. Although it’s pretty new I was on my second set of tires. I had only 8K on the first, 4K more as of today and they are starting to look worn already! My second set was Michelin PR4GTs. I put a Goodyear Tripletred on the rear and took it out for a very short ride….more miles tomorrow. The GY Trippletred was at the suggestion of Stephen! (thank you for the suggestion Stephen). Anyhow, I was expecting a different feel to the bike and I was not surprised. I was harder to put into a lean and almost felt that once in the lean it wanted to go further. In addition, on some gentler curves, I found myself understeering and starting to wander into the other lane…and it was more difficult to correct.

    Just wanted to share my initial reactions to the tire, knowing that with some more miles I should adapt to it well. Would welcome comments or suggestions.

    Deerfield NH
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    Just wanted to update everyone on my Dark Side experience. I've got about 5K mi;es on the GYTT and have gotten used to it pretty well. I run about 35-37 psi in the rear and it works OK with the TPMS. Last week I ordered an Avon AM16 Roadrider 130/70V-17 (rear tire, bias belted) for the front. I have gone through 2 sets of PR4s in 17K miles so it was time to try something else since my 48/10 is coming up next week and I expect the total trip to be in excess of 10K miles. I installed it yesterday and it was the easiest tire swap i have ever done... Took it for a short ride today and it was amazing. The issues with lean an rut following were almost gone. It took almost no effort to lean it (any more than with front and rear PR4s on it anyway) and seem to ride nicely on lightly rutted roads. Need a longer ride to confirm it all but it's looking good so far. I ran 40psi in the front. The Avon is a size wider than the PR4s and has about 50% more thread depth than most rear tires. It was recommended by a contributor on the k1600 forum.
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    Here is the same tire with 20k miles on it... I think it will make it to the end of this year.


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