Dan's gone Walkabout


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Not sure why LTP pic of Dan at Davo's memorial on the above post didn't work, I repost it here

After rectifying his rear shocker issue, Dan has gone west again sniffing around some tracks south of the Eyre Hwy overlooking the Great Aust Bight, currently nearing Balladonia. He is aware there will be lots of bushfire smoke between here and Norseman but the road is still open at present.

Where to then....... Who knows?? Keep an eye on his Spot to find out.

Dan Simmonds

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Couple close roo calls alright coming into Albany! They don't make them small here in WA, that's for sure. It was 13 deg so I was wide awake.

No accommodation was had anywhere in Esperance on account of people staying there as a result of the bushfires, some soccer tournament, and something else.

Yeah noticed last night he was heading through the 2 roo valleys between Jerry & the Bremer Bay turnoff...hope he gets through alright