Dark Side

Motorcycles have been using car tires since they were invented. Go to any motorcycle museum and take a look at the tires on those old bikes. The tread is flat. I grant you they are narrow by today's standards but none the less, flat. I have driven many many many miles with car tires on three different bikes. I truly ride in all conditions and on all types of roads. I have driven the "Tail of the Dragon" with a car tire, riding two up, pulling a trailer at night in a very heavy rain without problem. A car tire has a bigger contact patch than a motorcycle tire does going straight as well as in a curve as shown in this graphic.
Getting used to the car tire will be way way easier than learning to ride a motorcycle in the first place. The only drawback I have noticed is mentioned in Fortnine's youtube video is when you come to a stop on a banked road. The bike will want to get parallel with the banking especially if you have too much air in it. Simply lower the pressure in your tire by a pound or two. Since I lean the bike to the side that I put my foot down anyway, this is not a problem. Your passengers movements will be more pronounce. I have even totaled one of my bikes and the insurance company paid without question.

I have read many a forums addressing this subject and they are usually filled with nay sayers that have never put a car tire on their bikes but seem to have all the answers. If you want to try it, then do. If you don't want to try it, then don't. If you haven't tried it then you do not have the knowledge to answer posts by those who are curious.
I'd like to add that IMHO it is not a question of what one wants or one doesn't.
In my country here in Europe it is quite simple: forbidden!
A motorbike in Europe needs to have a "Certificate of Conformity", stating the specifics of the bike at the moment of approval by the country at which the bike is to be used in traffic.
The tire/wheel combinations are also included in those specifics, so changing to the "dark side" is prohibited.
One could imagine what could happen in court, if one was to be involved in an accident?
Stay Safe...


Brit Butt Tour Admin.
Why do my questions cause such trouble, Whoops conversation.
My basic question was has anyone done this and your experience. Basic answer good or bad.
Some say good some say bad.
I have decided not to proceed with the idea because of the legal side of it. See in Europe and the UK the authorities don't mind what you do provided you don't break the rules.
So I won't be joining the DARKSIDE. (Sith Lord)

Once again thanks for your contributions, once again I put stick in the hornets net and mixed it up.
This is what a forum is ask the question then get answers and opinion.

Remember keep safe as lock down lifts.