Defective Gene Pool RTE & Tom Loftus Roast

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Defective Gene Pool
8th Annual Meeting of Defectives and Ride to Eat
SPECIAL EVENT: Tom Loftus Hall of Fame Induction

The 8th annual meeting of this group of sickos onSaturday, February 23, 2019 will honor a special inductee into the DGP Hall of Fame! Join us as we celebrate the induction of one of the most prolific IBR riders of all time, Tom Loftus. It doesn’t get much more “Defective” than 7 IBR finishes (3rd all time) in 10 attempts (currently the most all time), 4 Gold Medal Finishes, a total of 89,026 IBR miles (2nd all time), and twice on the list of highest IBR miles in a single rally (2005 & 2011).

Tom has been battling some serious health issues as most of you know. Let’s all come out and give him our full “Defective” support and encouragement while acknowledging his legendary riding greatness. Additionally, we’re going to liven things up by hosting a good natured “Roast” of Tom on Friday night, February 22nd, at Two Rows restaurant in Allen, TX which is next door to the Hilton Garden Inn, the two venues which will serve as our unofficial Roast and Pre-RTE headquarters, respectively. Here’s the links:

So if you’ve got some “dirt” on Tom - you know, those dropped bike stories or taking the wrong route to nowhere - we need you to show up and help us do this thing up right, “Defective” style. There will be several of us at the hotel all afternoon Friday, perhaps getting “prepared” for the Roast, which will begin officially at Two Rows at 6:00pm.

In order to get a head count for the event we are using RideMaster this year for registration. To sign up just go to the Ride Master website, find the Defective Gene Pool events, click on the “Register” button and follow the instructions. There are two separate events to sign up for –the Roast – and the RTE. If you can’t make one but can make the other, that’s ok. There is no fee for either event other than paying for your own food and drink.

A note of thanks goes out to Danny Dossman for the genius in coming up with the Roast idea for Tom and also to Dave McQueeney for his always excellent mastery of the IBR stats.

Here’s the rest of the info on the RTE event:

The Defective Gene Pool will host its' 8th Annual Meeting (Ride to Eat style) Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 at Big Ray's Bar-B-Que in Allen, Texas. We'll begin gathering around 10:00am and hit the doors at 11:00 when they open for business.

The "Pool" was formed by a few past IBR finishers to give LD riders and potential LD riders an opportunity to swap lies, renew old acquaintances, encourage new participants to the sport, and generally to celebrate the defective gene that runs common to us all. Other less notable pursuits may ensue. Projected attendees include several past IBR finishers and a host of LD riders with significant rally and IBA ride experience. If you feel you have the "defective gene" that causes this madness or you just like to gawk at weird people, please join us for this enlightening gathering.

Cliff Wall

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Tom’s family has informed us that his battle with cancer has taken a turn for the worse and he will not be able to attend the planned event in Texas. The family has asked that if you want to send an email of support to Tom they will make sure that as his condition allows he receives the messages. He is currently in the hospital but is expected to be released on Wednesday to return home.

Please send your message of encouragement to [email protected] .

As many of you that would like can still join the DGP troops at Two Rows on Friday night 2/22. We will still be there to carry on the fine tradition of long distance riders gathering to toast one another. And the Ride to Eat event will follow on Saturday the 23rd with the “Official” induction of Tom into the Hall of Fame. Hope you can join us for both events. Please keep Tom and his family in your thoughts during this difficult time.


Your friends at the Defective Gene Pool.