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Hey with some places now doing digital payment for a discount at the pump, how can we handle that since no paper receipt is usually given only one on the phone app. I haven't asked for a receipt in person and that may be the answer, but there is there any other official method, like picture of the bike at the pump with matching price and fuel amount? Along with a screenshot of the digital receipt? Specifically in my case its Walmart. I just looked at the E-Receipt, it is dated, but does not show a time.
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Thank you Randy for asking this here. This could become more common at gas pumps as our world becomes more digital and with smartphone apps ability to pay with these apps. I will be interested in the response here, as well. It's sure to come up again and possibly more frequently.
Being a truck driver, there are a lot if things we do that are digital. I fuel my truck almost daily, and go onto scales. I get all my fuel receipts, and scale tickets from CAT scales digitally. I then screen shot them to submit them. Similar can be done for IBA I assume. Just a suggestion.


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I have a Credit card that gives me 5% back for pay at the pump so I use it, but on a cert ride when I just want to gas and go I many times will use a different card to keep any of the from locking me out. It's worth whatever little extra I have to pay for the time it saves and the piece of mind the receipt provides. Giving up the discount is the least expensive part about it.


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Although we prefer fuel receipts, we will accept any computer-generated receipt that shows date and location (time, date, and location for the start and end receipts). So if the gas station doesn't provide paper gas receipts, buy a nice healthy snack or check your ATM balance. And don't forget to log the stop on your log sheet. Including the number of gallons pumped or a photo of the pump will also help.

Remember - it's up to you to demonstrate you rode the ride you claim by submitting sufficient documentation to do so.

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