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And it starts, I first heard about he IBA after getting involved with TOH. Sooo now it sits on my shoulder whispering in my ear. You need to do this, really neeeeed to do this.
I guess I am going to do this.
My planned route for Sept is from N. Ft Worth TX to Sierra Blanca TX and back. All interstate with plenty of fueling stations and eats.
The ride is a 2017 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 XRX.
I have had day rides of around 600 miles so a 400 mile step up is a large step for me.
Any advice or suggestions would be welcome.


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Plenty of time to do 1,000 in 24 hours. But I still advise minimizing time at stops. At the least it's good practice. Covering the distance in 18 hours or less is easier (for me) than 22. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Most of all, ride safe.
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Traxx, you'll be fine on your Explorer. As Jaore says, keep the fluid levels up. If a silly old 70 year's young [me] can do one [latest on Saturday 28th. July] so can you. I did it on my 2016 Triumph Trophy. All the best, ride carefully.

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Don't make it harder than it is. Take your time. Eat minimally, stay awake and ride safely. About the time you think it will never end it will be over. Don't lose the receipts.
Good Luck

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Try to keep as close to your normal wake/sleep cycle as possible for your first ride. It is common to not sleep well the night before attempting something new/unknown. Compounding that with a wake time much earlier than normal is likely to result in even less sleep. Adrenaline will keep you going for the first few hours; but leave you even more exhausted as the afternoon wears on. I also use a camelbak as well - not sure what modifications are required to drink on the fly as that is their purpose.. :) If your route is mostly interstate in Texas with an 80mph speed limit - expect fuel economy to be lower. You could easily plan fuel stops every 120 miles with 10-15 minute stops and still finish with plenty of time on the clock.
Have fun and safe travels.

Also.. Come to the BAT rally in October. It's a fun event and ride. I really enjoy the format of the rally rides like BAT and just completed a TOH SS1k back in June. It's addicting :)


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Well, its almost gooooooo time. Monday or Tuesday I plan on filling up at Basswood and I-35W (7-11) at 05:00. First stop 172 miles later at the Merkel Alcon. 189 miles after that Chevron in Monahans. 161 miles to Sierra Blanca for the turn around and fill up. Going to hit the same places on the way home.
I have backup stations before and after each and may use them depending on how I feel and what my fuel econo says.
Since I should be in Sierra Blanca around Noonish I will take a extended break there walking around, taking pictures checking out the bike and having a extra piece of beef jerky and some trail mix and refilling my camelbak.
My trip load out will be 1 gal fuel in rotopax, 1 camelbak Talon, beef jerky and mixed nuts, 2 100oz bladders of water, IFAK and rain cover for Talon.
Nav will be iphone with swconnect in back ground, with Rever app as a secondary tracker and for Maps/Nav. I will be teathered so no battery issues, maybe some cell signal loss. Since I have downloaded maps on Rever, Co Pilot, Sygic, Scenic and other map apps I am not to worried about that. Paper Map and memory as a back up to that.
Riding gear will be Triumph Taloc leathers, HJC RPHA Venom helmet, Alpine Stars gloves with BMW backups, Triumph boots.
Paperwork, I have the forms printed out and will have my Lovely Bride witness my departure and arrival. I have a pen and tally book ready for notes and observations and to keep the CGR's, Photos with the iphone.
With the sun at my back and mostly daytime riding and avoiding the rush hours I hope to be able to pull this off.
I will be back on land hopefully tomorrow and will start getting more familiar with swconnect and attaching photos and such.


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Well, its almost gooooooo time.
When you get beyond that 600 mile (e.g. your personal best) point of the ride, be certain to note how you're feeling at that moment.

My personal 'wall' is around the 700 mile mark. At that point, I'll typically have two more fuel stops to do in order to finish.

If you're 'on time', that's the time where you can take a few extra minutes to wander around to enjoy the lack of movement (riding...) if only for a few minutes.

Don't feel bad - if you want to work in an extra stop on the way back - do it! That's the great part about how we do things - ride the ride, get the receipts, document the ride fully, then submit for certification.

Good luck!


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Got my sheep skin seat pad in, I am curious if it will make the difference. Tomorrow I will be adjusting the the road pegs.