Dual SS1Ks on a 44 year old bike. Part 1.

Dual SS1K weekend.

The steed for the ride is the 1975 Honda CB550F. (In 2017 it completed the Lake Superior SS1K.)

First SS1K,

The objective was to ride from Lutsen, MN to Altoona IA, head north to the Twin Cities, then east to theGeographical 45x90 center, and finish in Iron Mountain, MI. Below is the link for the video version of the report.

Submitted the paperwork today.

See you on the road.


PS. Below is the written version that is also on Advrider.com

The plan was to sleep Thursday afternoon and leave at 7:00 PM. I rested for several hours Thursday afternoon but did not actually sleep.

Arrived at the Gas station and somehow managed to get a DBR precisely at 7:00 pm. The run down Hwy 61 was not bad considering we are in the midst of tourist traffic. First stop was in Hinckley. Heading south from there my GPS power started acting up, while trying to push in the connections the GPS pops off the Garmin mount, the water bottle holder and water bottle became litter, luckily caught the GPS. Holding it with the left hand, how do I use the clutch? Shoved the GPS in my jacket and pulled over. Got it reattached and moved the mount. Did not attempt to find the water bottle mount which by now was a mile north.

South bound a while later, I see the blue flashers. Speed was not an issue so I am not sure of what is the reason. Shut the bike off and wait for the trooper. He informed me I had no tail light. Using the squads head lights and his flashlight check the fuse and the bulb. Not the cause. Then in dawned on me it probably was a bad ground wire. Ask how far to the next exit, because I wanted to get somewhere safer to take the sissy bar bag off and lift up the seat. After checking my paper work, trooper escorted me to the exit. Pulled into a gas station and looked under the seat. Soon found the loose ground wire. It had come loose from its socket. All is well.

Haven’t ridden the bike in a major city for a while so it was nice going through the Twin Cities at 11:00 pm. Could tell the freeway speeds were affecting gas mileage. Stopped as planned in Albert Lea for gas.

South in Iowa is the turn around point. The grooved road surface caused quite a bit of twitching of the front wheel. Not the most relaxing feeling at 70+. Having ridden quite a bit on gravel, I just held the bars loosely. The more gruesome part of Iowa was running over deer remains twice. One was like hitting a slick spot, the had a thigh bone bounce off the rear tire. When I stopped for gas, found some blood on the chain guard.

After gassing up in Atoona, did a inspection of the drive chain. It was very loose so tightened it up. Heading north I notice a lot of heat lightning west and south. I rode as quick as possible to outpace the rain, succeeded in doing so. Hit the Twin Cities Traffic around 8:00. Got through without a major delay. Crossed into Wisconsin and gassed up.

Headed to the point of interest for the Saddle Sore the 45x90 Geographical Center of the North West Semi -sphere. There are signs on Hwy 29 pointing the way. Took pictures of the parking area and then walked out to the exact spot out in the field. While walking back to the bike another biker pulled into the lot. Chatted a bit about my ride and his bike. Headed back down the county roads to the highway.

Pulling on the highway, gunned the throttle and lost momentum. First thought was that I popped it out gear. No. Second, lost the drive chain. Get off the bike and at the intersection is laying my chain. After retrieving the chain, pushed the bike to the right hand side of the road and called for a tow. I had planned for such a possibility and had purchased road side assistance. Driver took me to a power sports dealer in Wausau. Mechanic replaced the chain and I was back in pursuit of the SS1K. This required back tracking to the site of the tow and continuing the ride.

After the backtrack proceeded to downtown Wausau to get my 45x90 medallion. At this point I knew that the ride would be completed before 7:00 pm but can I make the rider diner at 5:00 pm for the Yooper 1000. Garmin and the county road crews decided to test this. A bridge was being replace but no detour signs were posted, just road closed. Spent 15 minutes finding a way around that bridged.

Pulled into the gas station at Iron Mountain at 5:00 pm. Got the finishing receipt. 22 hour run that I had planned being done in 19 hours.