Easter Egg Hunt Gold ride


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Firstly, apologies for the gross close ups of me eating. My excuse for this is that the photos were required to fulfil the requirements of the IBAs 'Egghunt 1000' Easter ride. I saw the ride on the IBA forum here. Details of the ride are here.

In summary, you had to complete an SS1000 as per the usual requirements plus the following photos with accompanying Dated Business Receipts, eating a chocolate egg, eating cooked eggs, eating an egg roll, in front of any building where you might put your nest 'egg' and one at a town or business name with 'egg' in the name. The photos had to be at least 150 miles from the previous photo. That is the 'Gold' ride, fewer photos would have been bronze or silver. The ride had to be done over the Easter weekend.

Spowalla track of the ride

The ride itself was uneventful as my stops and route were pre-planned and all worked out fine. I had 5C and about 60 miles of bad fog in the early hours but after that the temp got up to 18C and I didn't see a drop of rain all day.
4AM 16th April to 10PM, 1026 GPS miles.

Cooked Eggs.JPG
Choc Egg.JPG
Nest Egg.JPG


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I bet that was eggciting....... reminds me of an old Christian song, "Bind us together".....

Thanks for your eggsplanation and piccies!

I bet you enjoyed it really!


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A chocolate egg at 6am was interesting, but I have to admit I did finish it!
As far as the 'binding' goes, by the time the egg roll came around I was done with eggs.
I did enjoy it, especially my encounter with a local 'character' at 4am outside a bank in Derry, a guy approached me with his shopping trolley full of junk he'd picked off the streets, he wasn't a bum, he was well dressed and clean, like some sort of street cleaning superhero, the flat cap, wire rimmed glasses and (unlit) Sherlock Holmes style pipe finished the look.