End to End Europe


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I`m new to riding , at all , so when I got my bike an Pan European 1100 I`ll started with my first tour of 1000 km home and it got about 1500 last autumn. The winter has gone to plan, save money and prepare mind and bike for this years adventure.
I`ll start from NorthCape in Norway and travel down to the south of Spain/Portugal , Italy and of course in the middle I`ll have some weeks in Britain and Ireland - 21 days at Manx and the TT.
And by coincidence I`ll land in Liverpool 11th of june - and the RBLR- 1000 goes 15th june -- and I`m in..

BUT this gave me some idea about END to END , so now in the summer I`ll try to familiarze the route and may be do the end to end later in september.

And I`m wonder - is there any one out there who is as "sane" as me - thinking of a short trip as the end to end. (picture - North Cape in the back) at Northcape.jpg


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Sitting i Dauglas, Isle of Man, present.. have got some new ideas, so after Scotland around.. I'm going home, leave the trailer , gather some more money and do some training and mods , and then in september or late august I'm leaving for the south end of Europe...


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All the best for your planned adventures Rolf-Arne. The world is your oyster. Once bitten there's nothing holding you back. Cheers.