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Saturday 13th Sunday 14th June 2020

Start Squires cafe nr Leeds LS25 5LX
All the route details, advice, rules, sponsor form and paperwork can be downloaded from www.rblr1000.co.uk

Ride 1000 miles in 24 hours for the Royal British Legion .

Entry open at www.rblr1000.co.uk

Entry will close a month on the 16th May 2020 to allow finishers certificates and tee shirts to be produced.
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If a different bike is being used to the one registered as long as I let you know by May is that ok Is it the Boss Mr Weston I inform.

Ian M

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i filled the volunteer form in as I'm not doing it in 2020 I'm doing something else
i didn't get an acknowledgement, which doesn't matter in itself, but i just wanted to check my offer had been received?

if it didn't go through, i can do birch services on the Saturday morning - i don't live too far so can easily get there

my brother is thinking about doing a ride, possibly 500 miles which is good as he's really just an occasional weekend rider so if he does I'd ride with him so i wouldn't be able to assist

also there is no 1500 run or is that "under the counter"?
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THEN I have done it again- jumpt into something I shouldent have - paid and entered the RBLR 1000 ,2020 thats not the crazy thing - because some 10 days before this start I HOPE to have finished the Europe End to End 5600 km (3549 miles) , hopefully in 66 hours - that means that my route for next years trip to Squires will add up to 5135 miles or above. So I will see you all next year - and will be camping on the ground - hopefully on thursday.