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Grey Gentry

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The owner had posted he was getting out, and was looking for someone to take it over....(or maybe not?...maybe that was just a token of his shitfuckery.)

Gone.....taking many memories with it.


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Oh I dunno, the flaccid prick did a good job of wiping out irreplaceable history of people who were there from the beginning years ago.

I’m going to take a punt and bazz is the new owner? Good on him.
Not Bazz, cannot recall the name of the new owners but believe they are a couple. I am sure some of the current FarRiders out there will be able to pass on who they are.

This is another step in the story of our Long Distance Riding Community here in Australia and one that may encourage a larger support base for those riders wishing to pursue those challenges supported by FarRiders and the IBA. We all should welcome the new owners with our support, best wishes and look forward to any opportunities for collaboration and sharing of our combined wisdom regarding LDRiding.


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Well said TJ.

the history is in our hearts Thommo, demonstrated by those beaut nights meeting at some far flung place or around a campfire sharing about distance riding. No one can take that off us. Once I realised that and that the IBA Oz was in safe hands I could just forget about old mate and I largely have. He must be getting on a bit now, I wish him well.

’Granted Farrider status’? That sounds interesting, but I’ll wait to hear what’s actually going on before reacting.

Im hoping this new chapter will get Farriders back on track as a place for mates to meet, share ideas without censorship and enjoy distance riding from entry level stuff up. Hopefully we can rebuild the ties between Farriders and the IBA as well.


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IBA-Tiger has the tale (tail?) straight. It's a French couple - him with apparently amazing business acumen and her with equally astonishing (if you believe the promo) IT skills. They're currently transferring the websites to their own server and it's all going to be honkey-dorey. Just taking longer than I'd hoped. They live near the Owner in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.
The "granting of FR status" involved a 1200km ride to pass on the baton. Technicalities regarding the validity of the process are contained in Rules' fine print somewhere, which may be lost in the transfer.
There was some push-back from longstanding FRers, who may or may not continue to have access when the websites are relaunched. It was suggested the "black pages" will be incorporated into the Forum pages.
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If it is within the fair boundaries to explain in this thread, could you or Ron unpack this term black pages and what it means for Farriders with limited access please?

As I understand things the current tools to register for a Farride come via a login to the main website which is firewalled from the forum, which the naughty 12 don’t have access to. Is that what you mean?


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Biggles is correct in saying the new owners were transferring all across to their own servers. Likewise thought it was only going to be a couple of days as indicated. The forum has not been available for approx 2 weeks and the "Black Pages - main website" went down on the weekend.

The Team have not had access for ages now to the forum due to a "glitch" - read into that what you may...I'll stick with glitch.

Rusjel also has it right, it lives in all our hearts and the memories that we have made throughout the years.

I don't know what the future of FarRiders holds or how it will look or operate, or whether I will remain inactive by the "glitch".

What I do know is that I have a group of crazy insane friends that ride awesome motorcycles of all shapes and sizes, to place known and unknown, within challenges of a set criteria or of a personal nature and in an emergency or not there is a bed or helping hand there for me.....and likewise from me.

So I'm sitting in the lounge chair waiting room on the internet waiting to see how the rebirth emerges.


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Hmmm, astute business man & IT expert purchase what in essence has always been a place for like minded LD riders to share and inspire or be inspired by others with no real revenue streams for its stewardship of said experiences??? I know how many $$$ could not buy it way back when, or maybe it was just me, so what would draw such a couple??? Guess only time will tell.
I also echo Rus & Angel's sentiments about the past, the memories & most of all the friendships still holding true to this day from the dust cloud that was.
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