First BBG1500 for me

Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster. With two SS1000s under my belt, I headed out yesterday with a Gold level ride in mind.

The first 900 miles was all smiles (well mostly - I dumped it sideways at the second gas stop, while documenting it. No harm to me or the bike). The local forecasts were calling a few showers, so I threw on the rain gear at the fourth fuel stop, and as promised, east of Quebec City, the rain started. It rained for the next 600 miles. In the dark. 45-50 degrees. I finished the ride in 23 hours, 15 minutes.

To make things interesting, after the fifth fuel stop, i decided to put on the throttle rocker, after all, it had been almost a thousand miles, my hand needed a rest, and the rain mitts a made it even harder. A mile down the road, I found it to ba a little close to the throttle lock, so I started messing around with it. Knocking my phone out of the Ram mount X cradle. I only noticed when the music in my Sena stopped. By the time I got turned around, it had fallen victim to the Highway 40 blues. So no phone, and the lovely Mrs. RogerRZ would have lost it if she tried to text and got no answer, so at the turnaround spot in Drummondville, in addition to fuel, I needed to get my iPad connected to wifi. That done, I pointed it home. A couple of hours sleep, and paperwork will be filed shortly...

Some insights:

My waterproof gloves, weren’t. Neither were the overbooties.
My heated jacket didn’t. (I checked the cord for length, not fit).
My waterproof boots were (thanks Gore-Tex).
Pinlock fog proof visors aren’t.
Bose noise canceling earbuds do (until the battery, and the backup dies, two hours from the end-too cold and wet to dig it out and change it).
LD Comfort gear works.
Airhawk pads are good, but Russell will be getting money next Winter.
As will MC Cruise.
Super Teneres bring home the bacon. It just did, all day long. A Gold Wing might have been a bit more comfortable, but wouldn’t do much in the Fundy Adventure Rally in August.

IBR Competitors are tough. Really tough. Hats off to them for stringing a half dozen or more of them in 10 or so days..

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Scott Parish

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Well done. I know the feeling arriving at the final fuel stop and pulling a receipt with only minutes left on the clock. Much more satisfying than finishing a ride with hours of cushion. The unexpected issues and discomfort is what makes it an adventure. :)


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Nice job. Strength of will is aparent in your write up. I also admire your "lessons learned". I gain a few more with every IBA ride. It helps to hear of those I haven't made YET. With a bit of luck I can pre-learn the lesson in the garage, not on the road.

Plus 1 on the IBR guys. My (only) BBG was tough for me. Those guys are doing that day after day and juggling bonus points. Amazing.