First IBA SS1000 Plan - does this look ok?


Definitely triple check if the servos are genuinely open 24hrs in Yunta, In January when I went through at 5:30am in the morning I recall the lights NOT been on in the servos as I whistled through. (I was on my GSA with a 400-500km tank so was planning to refuel later in SA)

I would also second Farman's suggestion of carrying a jerrycan of spare fuel, weather conditions (wind) can throw the best planned fueling strategy out the window. Which was my problem between Cobar and Broken Hill, I had a stiff headwind which drained the tank way too fast.

Like Fatman, I have a deep distrust of 24hr unmanned fuel pumps from bitter experience.
I’m riding a 1250 GSA. 115 kmh I’m getting 4.7 reliably 1 up with panniers. 630 kms to empty. I rode Kellyville - Old Pacific Highway - M1 then Buckets away Thunderbolt away to Inverell. 580kms and put in 27.5 litres. Didn’t have head winds but gave it some from Gloucester to Walcha.


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Ive often found fuel burn from Nyngan to Brocken hill to be a bit on the higher side Like it often is on the Hay Planes.
Its sneeky and I expect mostly due to be predominantly open going with low level to no scrub cover.