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FOG 101?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Frog, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Frog

    Frog Well-Known Member

    I did so much talking at Renmark:oops: that I didn't get to ask any questions... other than "Any q1uestions?":rolleyes:.
    So one question: How do we deal with Fog?
    I ride the naked Bike and take it as it comes, But of late I am finding that I am to busy to ride in the summer and in the winter the fog is inconvenient. I don't mind cruising at 60km/hr when the visibility is low, but on Friday night between Penong and Nundroo, visibility was down to 3 dotted lines, there was no wind and the fog was end less, thus once again I had to change the ride plan:(.
    Now I don't was to come across as a pussyo_O, but the reason I stopped on Friday was the in side of the visor was wetter than the outside and riding with the visor up was the solution until the glasses did the same. So if I fit a fairing with a window will this stop the visor issues or will I just not see through the window and have to put my head into the thick of it any way?
    Thanks in advance
  2. Reader57

    Reader57 Well-Known Member

    I have found pin lock visor inserts do work, so I ride visor down. However, If you can't fit a pin lock then you could try what I use on my glasses working in the coolrooms.
    The Clearwipe Lens cleaners come in a anti fog version with a hint of green on the sachet. They stop my glasses fogging up going in and out of the coolrooms. I think I got my last packet at the chemist.
  3. Vlad

    Vlad Premier Member

    I use a plastic polish called Plexus , with good results as long as you remember to use it before you go or carry it with.
  4. Gatey

    Gatey Premier Member

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  5. Crappy

    Crappy Premier Member

    An old bloke once told me that the fog on a trip to Dorrigo was so thick one night he had had to park the bike to walk up and find the next guide post then go back and get the bike.
    Worked well until he couldn't find the bike.;)

    Fog is the worst time sapping plan ruining weather condition.
    I end up riding one handed wiping constantly.
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    HACKLE Well-Known Member

    As Reader said the Clearwipe Lens cleaners [anti fog version] are excellent. Got the local chemist to get me in 6 boxes [$30]. Used them this morning on the visor [both sides] and my windows [glasses] on the ride to Cann River. Worked perfectly, no fogging at all.
  7. Frog

    Frog Well-Known Member

    I used Cat crap afew times but found it difficult the get the consistency right such that there was no haze left on the visor. I will try the alcohol wipes this winter. I have a pin lock but was all ways fearful that the moisture would get in between and I would have to stop to rectify it?
    So does the windscreen stop the rain/pea soup hitting the visor? my problem is wind pressure forcing water down the inside of the visor, not so much fogging up.

    HACKLE Well-Known Member

    Frog, I still get water on the visor when it's raining, even with screen all the way up. And believe me it goes up a long way. I, like Vlad, use Plexus on both sides of the screen to help in the beading off process. Don't use Rain X on your visor or screen, not good for them at all.
  9. Skidoo

    Skidoo Not Right Rider Premier Member

    The 3 dotted line thing, yea, what a pain in the butt. Too easy to stop but we are on a mission :mad: I often get caught and find by leaving my visor slightly open increases air flow inside the helmet, it clears the problem with a different issue. As you mentioned it often get a bit 'soggy' inside however the 'coolness' certainly assists in keeping the alertness high.
  10. Farkleit

    Farkleit Premier Member

    I just got my local chemist to get me some of the Clearwipe Lens Cleaners with Anitfog I have to buy 6 boxes for them to order them in. should last a while.......

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