Garmin GPS Aussie Map Upgrades


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I was recommended by a friend to try AusNavTech for a map update for my BMW Navigator V GPS, which is a Garmin unit.

So I purchased the download option for $20.75 rather than the disc. I couldn't get it to work, it wouldn't recognise I had the GPS connected, I thought I had done my $20. So with back an forth emails to Alex at AusNavTech who asked me to check this and that, I finally was able to load it onto a Micro SD Card and insert that into the unit and it seems to work like a ripper now. Alex was very helpful with advice on my problem. :thumbs

So if you are in the market for map updates that are a lot cheaper than some alternatives, try AusNavTech.


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Followed this link from your other post in the Phone/GPS topic. Thanks for the research and the information Michael.
This will do me fine when my GPS is due for the next update. :):)


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Placed my on-line order today for the download version Michael. I figure the $20 is a good 'risk' compared with the usual $150 that Garmin like to charge for the map updates. My version is 2017.20 and the current map from them is a 2019.10.


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Just in case anyone is interested:
I sent my PayPal payment to AusNavtech (on-line order) and received the download link via email within an hour.
I chose the option to down load to my computer and then copy the file onto a Micro SD card. (My current Garmin map is on an SD card loaded into the Garmin). I thought it best to follow the same format and use the SD card rather than try and load the map directly onto the storage area of the GPS. This also takes into account the issues experienced by Fatman as noted in post #1.

Inserted the card into the GPS, loaded the maps for activation, and it seems to work a treat first-time. The run to Dalby this weekend will be the acid test, but so far looks optimistic (and a very cost effective solution). Thanks again to the big fella for the link ! ;):)
Thanks for the link Fatman. Had an issue with paypal payment. Emailed Alex who also scratched his head for a while, then magically everything sorted itself overnight.
Downloaded the link and have very successfully breathed life into my very old Nuvi 500.