German R2E Scotland 27th July


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What's the plan then?
Are we just going to walk in or let them know we're coming for scran
i understand there are a few premier inns in inverness.


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Well I was just going to turn up but then I realised that some of the Germans speak English and they'll probably notice this thread which will spoil the surprise so I've followed Kim's lead and told them on their thread.
my intention was to attend this tried to put a post on the german site then realized it would be ever so rude stroke arrogant to do so in english. some where i have an english to german dictionary would hope to manage that one way or another but as yet not fathomed it out.

so as stands my intention is to attend but nothing booked or sorted yet


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I saw this last year and really fancied it, However my sister had the inconsiderate notion that that would be a good day to have her wedding reception here in Yorkshire, made all the more inconsiderate when you consider that the Bloody wedding is 2 days earlier in Gretna Green, Unimpressed one is.

Kim Leeson

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I'm leaving work Friday afternoon...jamming up to a hotel I've booked south of Penrith, also booked the Premier they are using, bit on the steep side for a Premier. Chose the 'non-flex' as it's cheaper, so I'm committed now.

Sean, your sister is very inconsiderate, does she not realise you have an LD disorder that needs feeding on a regular basis?


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Dear British IBA friends,
I don´t think I have to emphasize that you are more than welcome .. right ? Looking forward to meet y´all at the castle ... and of course at dinner.

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Booked into the Buccleugh arms in Moffat on the 26th so if anyone want to share it is a twin room PM me
also booked the Premier next to the restaurant on the 27th.


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Yes you do rember correctly Gordon, it was on Saturday the 9th of June 2012.
14 people turned up including myself.
Ride safe
Regards Bob.


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I'm a maybe. Supposed to be working an event on the Sunday but trying to get a stand-in to cover me.

But I'm not telling anyone in case I don't come.......