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I'm a UK rider - completed four Brit Butt Rallies and done an SS1000 and E2E. I did the European Tour 2014, but opted for more of a flower-sniffing approach - no Iron Butt motel, and visited places I wanted to go (Gorge du Verdon, Millau bridge) rather than go flat-out for max points. That was also the final ride on my R1100RT; knackered final drive oil seal and leaking fork seals meant it went virtually nowhere once I got back. Be interesting to see how I fare on my R1200RS - poorer weather protection and lower tank range, more fun in the twisties. I suppose I should start thinking about packing soon...




I'm not sure very many people are checking this site but I thought I would add my name to the list. I am from Texas and this will be my first time in Europe so I'm sure that many mistakes await me as well as a great adventure. I have been encouraged to participate by several of you that ride here in the states, Gerhard, Michiel, Chris and Philip. So, I'll be there in September. Any advice from anyone will be greatly appreciated. I don't expect to challenge Michiel as he defends his victory in 2014 but I do hope to be as competeive as possible considering I don't speak the languages or know much about riding in Europe.

I can't wait to meet everyone and have a great time.

Danny C Dossman


Danny, yees there are plenty of IBR folks hiding in the forum. Good luck! (not good about the fuel problem - I know!). Olaf