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So I've volunteered to give a talk about IBA to my local IAM motorcyclists group - they are always desperate for speakers and I figured its a way to advertise RBLR1000! Anybody got some interesting facts/figures eg how many IBA members are there in the UK? About 10k?


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There are approximately 1,600 IBA members in the UK and around half of those are currently "active" by which I mean have ridden a certified ride, participated in a rally or RTE within the last three years. Given your context, you might also mention that most IBA members are qualified advanced riders although I can't provide stats to support that. You might want to think of presenting advanced riding as being the starting point of IBA riding or the other way round: IBA riding is the natural extension of IAM riding.


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Thanks for the stats - as its an IAM group I was going to draw attention to the new riders page especially....

riding skillsYou must become an expert rider. You will be riding continually for upwards of 17 hours and must be able to operate your machine efficiently while taking into consideration all traffic and weather conditions. Consider getting advanced rider training from RoSPA or IAM RoadSmart.