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I'm home safe after 1635km for the day. Thanks for your interest everyone.

Appreciate the update Philmor.

Hackle should be home soon. I think he should do a report.. What do you think Hackle?

PS... As Hackle and I exited Nhill Hackle noticed Reader57 (Peter) about to get on his Goldwing. We had a chat and went our different ways.

Edited again.....Another PS.. I forgot to mention, it was great to see Derrick at the start of our ride and then again later joining in behind us as we rode south of Calder Park to the finish. Thanks Derrick ;);)
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Biggles, I see your anticipating a reply. You've just received it!!!!!

Firstly, lets get the important things out of the way. Thanks Wingman for "allowing" Fatman and myself in using your route.

Secondly, or should this be firstly, thanks Elwyn for allowing me to go on this ride. This is called "sucking up to one's wife" in the expectation she'll ok other days out riding.

Then I guess thirdly will be a ride report as I've been "saddled" with it.

It was short notice [Tuesday, if I remember] that Fatman rang me regarding this ride. As is the case I had no other pressing engagements requiring my involvement on said day. That is if your discount the fact that Natalie and Reece [Elwyn's youngest daughter and grand daughter] were visiting for lunch. I was informed that my absence would be ok as they could enjoy a strictly women's only lunch. Good, now down to the planning.

What planning, I was simply tagging along, following, being second in command, or in other words "tail end charlie". But he wasn't on the ride. Preparation, not much, top case on the bike, change of clothes for "just in case", tool/puncture repair gear bag strapped on. water container attached to foot peg and tank bag on board. Apart from me suitably dressed I was ready to go.

Then the matter of concern reared it's ugly head. I didn't even know that concern had an ugly head. It had been a while, no a bloody long time [August 2019] since I'd ridden an SS1600. How would I hold up, would I be "stretched" as Biggles implied.

Firstly I had to up much earlier than Fatman just to get to the starting venue. Then I had to return home after the ride. As the good wife has said [bless her little heart] on many an occasion, "I thought you were one of those Iron Butt riders". In other words "toughen up", or in other words, tell someone who cares. The word sympathy doesn't exist in our household.

And so it was that after going to bed at 6.30 pm. Saturday night I was wide awake at 5.58 am. Two minutes prior to the alarm sounding. Sneak [Elwyn says I don't know the meaning of the word] out of bed. Very early breakfast, get dressed, then put the last few items in the tank bag on the Trophy which had resided in the garage replacing Elwyn's Hyundai, living in the drive. I then bade farewell to that ever understanding good wife and proceeded out into the "chilly" night air. There had been a heavy rain prior to leaving but thankfully none on me. Only the inherent spray to foul the visor.

On arriving at the departure point I see Derrick had nothing better to do at that time of the morning. With a start docket [02.55 hours] secured we were off. As was suspected the rain materialised into misty nuisance water giving the shiny bike that "loved" look.

Derrick gave us the thumbs up before departing from the Monash Freeway at Burke Rd. Now it's just you and me, Fatman. First stop was the Truck stop Melbourne side of Ararat. Fuel, [ 05.27 am]. Now at this point I must mention Wingman's route. A lot of B and C class roads. Meaning rough, bouncy, narrow, did I mention bouncy. You get the point. But Fatman did ask if we could use them, so I guess I shouldn't complain as I was only, what was it, following along behind.

South West down the Glenelg Hwy. to Hamilton, Heywood then into Portland for our second fuel stop [05.27 hours]. It was on the last section through the pine plantations that we saw a lot of small wallabies. I said saw, rather than hit, as did another participant on a previous ride following Wingman and Freddo just recently.

It always intrigues me the look of total amazement from service station attendants, when on being told where one is riding to, they can't understand that no, we are not staying in a motel somewhere along the way and continuing our journey tomorrow but doing our ride today, then going home to sleep in our own beds. This was the case with the young lady in Portland. Her facial look was priceless. I'm sure she thinks all bike riders are stupid. Sometimes I share her thoughts.

Now Wingman's route, as previously mentioned, took "the road less travelled". Portland, Heywood, Hotspur, Digby, Casterton, Wando Bridge [over the Wando River of course], Chetwynd, Kadnook, Edenhope then Kaniva Community Roadhouse for fuel, [10.47 hours].

Speaking of Kaniva, it was on leaving said town that I spied a Blue Goldwing with rider astride, at the BP on the Eastern side of town. Since I've had my cataracts done my eye site is pretty damn good. A lot better than Fatman's I might add. I recognised our own Leader, as that astride stationary rider. Fatman just gave a wave and continued till I stopped him and informed him that, if he didn't wish to be removed from Reader's Xmas card list we should backtrack and seek forgiveness. We duly did, and forgiveness was granted. It seems that he was off to take photos of some indiscriminate border crossing between Bordertown and Kaniva. With conversation [also re a certain Border get together in August] finished we bade farewell and continued on our merry way.

Nhill, Gerang Gerang then if memory [it's failing at my age] is correct, it was north to Glenlee, Japarit [which famous prime minister was born there?], Rainbow, Albacutya, Yaspeet, Hopetoun Lascelles onto the Sunrasia Hwy. then north to our turnaround fuel stop at Red Cliffs [apparently it has] [14.52 hours].

Fuel , a bite to eat, then south, again through Ouyen, before east on another narrow bumpy [have I mention how bumpy all B and C Class roads are] road to Manangatan, South via Chinkapook, west to Nyah West then into Swan Hill for more fuel [17.26 hours] , and another toilet stop. Fatman assures me that if one doesn't need to pee every fuel stop, then one isn't drinking enough. He should know he needed [come to think of it so did I] one every fuel stop.

One thing certainly evident is that, those same "BUMPY" B and C class roads are definitely vehicle free. We saw very few cars, or for that matter, any vehicles on any of them. I suppose there has to be an upside for the downs. Have I mentioned "BUMPY".

Leaving Swan Hill it was plainly evident that a lot of people that live south of Swan Hill, either had birthdays, barbies on, or some other form of family gathering happening. The amount of Swan Hill invitees to the above gatherings was evident by the large amount of vehicles heading north, home I would imagine. It was Sunday not Friday night so they weren't Melbourne people escaping.

Bypassing Bendigo via Marong and Lockwood South we hurried [if you can use that word in that we followed three cars following a B-Double semi] to the Calder Hwy. Our last fuel stop prior to finishing was the Caltex truck stop at Ravenswood [19.55 hours] . This being on the northbound lanes required two u-turns both to enter and exit the Calder Hwy. On pulling up at the pumps we were met by a friend of Fatman's from his car rallying days. A great surprise for Fatman, as Lynne [the not so lately, pillion in a million] had sent him the Bubbler link. With time up our sleeve it was nice to touch base with Ian [I think].

But our time out had to end so we gave our goodbyes and headed home on the rain lashed Calder Fwy. It was evident that Fatman's eyesight had improved since Kaniva, because he spied a certain Triumph Tiger resting at the BP Calder truck stop. It wasn't till about the Tullamarine Fwy. that Derrick joined us for last bit to Berwick. For those that have experienced a fellow rider joining them, for either the start, or finish of a ride, no matter how short or long, what a lift it gives one. Especially when it's a cold wet Sunday night in the middle winter, when one should be home in front of the telly [sorry Tele] warm and cosy. Thanks again Derrick for both ends.

BP Berwick [22.28 hours], where it all started at 02.55 hours. we had made it back. I know it was only an SS1600, but as Fatman agreed it was probably the hardest one we had done. Yes I'm remembering back to Ethan's Heart Ride Kimmie.

With 1624 kms. for the SS1600 distance I can add another 82 kms. at each end getting to and from Berwick. So my tally [sorry again Tele] for the day was 1788 kms. Some might question why I didn't continue on and add few more to get an SS2000 ride done. the simple reason was, I'd had enough for the day, and just wanted to get home, shower and hop into a warm bed. If those reasons don't qualify me to become a serious long distance rider, then so be it.

Thanks again Fatman for leading me on another "magical mystery tour". Give me a ring when the urge needs scratching again. Cheers.



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It’s a while since I read a ride report where I had to actually look up where you were, never heard of 3/4 of those places. Great read hackle and well done too you both on the ride. Anyone who bangs out 1000 mile in a day is a serious LD rider Hackle.:) And as the great man said ” a man has got to know his limitations “