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This is where all bonus and task photos for the Game of Thrones Rally will be posted once the Game has begun.
Only Questions pertaining to bonuses or tasks can be placed here. General chat should be restricted to the GOT General Chat Thread.


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House Lannister is vibrant with many ale swilling and wine spilling warriors answering the call. You have made your House Leader very proud indeed.

More wine...
I for one (read 1/2) prefer ALE and wenching, but I shall also try to ride well for house Lannister.
Royal Proclamation #1

Herein lies your first task.

You shall go forth and find any statue or monument or sculpture that has a likeness of your standard upon it.

This must be on a permanent structure - not something on a moving vehicle for example.

An adornment upon a building using a likeness of your standard will be acceptable.

Herein lies the description of those likenesses which will be acceptable for each House, with a photographic example to follow :

  1. House Stark - the wolf - any likeness of a dog will suffice
  2. House Lannister - the dragon - this may be any type or style of dragon
  3. House Arryn - the seagull - any bird likeness will suffice
  4. House Martell - the sun - any type of sun sculpture or sundial shall suffice
  5. House Tyrell - a Celtic symbol - any type of mosaic art structure shall suffice
  6. House Tully - the fish - any sort of fish shall suffice
  7. House Greyjoy - the ram - any sort of ram or sheep shall suffice

*This rule shall pertain to all future proclamations -

The photo must clearly show your rally flag

*This rule shall pertain to all future proclamations -

If you have a pillion riding with you on the day you take your photo, one of you, as well as your rally flag, must be in the photo. This will be simply based on a matter of honour, for your Khaleesi surely cannot know for certain that a pillion accompanied you, but honesty is always the best policy........

*This rule shall pertain to all future proclamations -

You MUST post the likeness you have taken on the Bonus Thread only, and you must write :

A) the name of your House

B) the co-ordinates of your bonus photo

C) the date you have taken the photo

D) the name of the kingdom (House) your bonus photo is taken in

E) the number of points you are claiming

*This rule shall pertain to all future proclamations -

If you post this on the incorrect thread, you shall not be entitled to those points that you have so valiantly battled for, regardless of whether you repost to the correct thread or not. Be diligent in your quest.

For this task - Each bonus that fulfills the requirements of your Khaleesi and is taken in your own kingdom will gain your House - 25 points.

If you infiltrate enemy territory and take a bonus photo in another kingdom, your points for that bonus will double to - 50 points.

Gather as many likenesses as you can, for surely your enemies may gather upon you, sooner rather than later.......

Oh, and one further thing ....

Warriors of your House may not replicate the same likeness in order to gain more points. A bonus location can only be used once by the warriors in your house.

This is the first of many tasks you shall be assigned in this battle of the 7 kingdoms. Be vigilant in your quest!

Even after further proclamations are posted, you may continue to gather bonus photos from previous proclamations. This way anyone new joining in the game can easily add to the points tally!

Also be observant of the Bonus Thread for Future Bonus Proclamations! They shall be posted there, as should your Bonus Photos.

Your Khaleesi may add a new proclamation at any time, so be vigilant mighty warriors.

As in times of war, no warning is given before a new attack may come!
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Take heed my warriors and plan your first attack into battle for the Game begins tomorrow, anytime after 12:01am. Good luck! Stay tuned for further Royal Proclamations, for the game shall surely change!!!
Ser Jorah Mormont shall fastidiously record speedos and the accumulation of points so valiantly gathered. First blood goes to the leader of House Stark, Eddard Stark! And very keen he is to get the battle underway. Was that really 4:38am? Brrrrrr. Nice and chilly. You shall need some warm Mede at the end of this little sojourn!