Great Lakes Challenge


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I am planning to do the Great Lakes Challenge in early/mid June. Anything I should be particularly mindful of (I have a Canadian + US Passport, so that's not a problem)? I plan to start/end in Rockford, IL. 100 hours seems like a lot for the miles, so wondering where's the trick.:confused:


Paul Meyer

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When I did mine the only problem I really had was my debit cards getting shut off for suspicious activity. I found this out at my first gas stop in Canada. It took a little time on the phone to get them back up and running.
I started south of Chicago and ran clockwise. Illinois traffic to my finish point was insufferably slow and congested. Border crossings weren't bad. No real surprises though.

There are some stretches in Northern Ontario that a 200 mi range will relive stress about running out of fuel. North side of Superior is an enjoyable ride. Be prepared for cool weather conditions in May and early June. Unless you take a long detour, you will be riding pass my house.



Dave Long
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Canadian side: deer and fog. American side: fog and absolutely batshit drivers anywhere near Chicago. North Bay, Ontario is a nice, halfway place to stop and get some rest.
Remember to make sure your cell service is going to work across the border. Also, if you're using Bubbler/Spotwalla, double check that everything is still working very soon after crossing. I had an issue with my phone and didn't realize it had stopped collecting data points until the first gas stop. Not the end of the world, but pretty disappointing.