gs 1250 question

Brian Bumpas

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I'm thinking about purchasing a new gs 1250, but I haven't been able to find anyone with significant mileage to ask about reliability of the new shift cam system or any other problems. Is it reliable or are there still bugs to work out. ??

Kim Leeson

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Sean Sowley to the white courtesy phone please...this man put the miles in its first weekend to have its 600-mile service done on Monday, then rode to Gibraltor the following weekend from the UK. Used to be a big Harley man (he's still BIG), sold them all..absolutely loves it. But I'll wait for him to chime in...


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I think the engine is a bit too new to draw too many conclusions. Even if a handful of people like us put big miles, it's too small a sample size, sad reality is most BMW riders outside of our circles hardly ride a few thousand miles a year, jump over to the used bike listings on some dealer sites, 3-5 year old bikes with less than 10k miles, 10 year old bikes with less than 40k miles. I'd wait another year or buy the extended warranty....or both.


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Close friends brother has a new 1250 . Received a letter do not ride for Rear end ( drive ) from BMW . He rode anyway his new 2x,xxx bike . It locked up but no accident . Bike brought to dealer for repair . I know nothing else on the case .