Half a full monty!

Following my first proper long ride last year to complete an end to end I was confident of succeeding with another challenge. However, hats off to you guys who have successfully completed the full monty!

I have just attempted the ride, following planning and preparation to ensure that I would be in the right place at the right time to get proof of visiting, but what I hadn't realised was all the other factors that come into play on a proper long ride.
The first stint was unremarkable, 3 hours from local fuel station to lands end and a very helpful attendant in the kiosk. All proceeded well back up the A30 (5 mobile cameras spotted on the A30 on my trip down and back and all in national speed limits rather than in 30s and 40s!) until M5 north of Bridgwater with significant congestion so filtered my way towards M49 losing precious time. Clear on the M49 followed by congestion approaching the toll booths on the M4 and then more congestion so filtered all the way between Newport and Cardiff. The rest of the ride westwards was uneventful but the wind kept blowing hard which was becoming irritating!
St David's was located and receipt secured so next stop Lymm services and probably an hour behind but still ok. Beautiful ride along the A44 from Abergavenny at dusk as bright moon comes out - motorcycling is fabulous at times like this. North of Oswestry problems start with road closure, followed by road closure at night on A55 and then road to Lymm services is closed so have to go down the motorway and come back up to exit on a different junction so turn up at services at 00:45, rather than my planned 21:45

On the bike at 04:30 towards John o groats in heavy rain, with heavy spray from all the arctics heading north to Manchester, so speed reduced but losing more precious time! Following more roadworks on M9, and then more roadworks on the A9 I did the maths at 09:30 and realised that I had to ride virtually non stop for the next 24 hours to achieve the challenge so accepted that this time was not for me. However, I was at 950 miles so could I still claim a saddle sore 1000? So, I kept heading north towards the next fuel station. Interesting that there aren't many fuel stations in the Cairngorms (I knew really and should have headed south but it's a lovely place to ride) and ended up having to push my bike for 20 minutes to the fuel station indicated on my sat nav so missed the 1060 miles indicated on my trip meter (to ensure at least 1000 miles covered) in 24 hours by 30 minutes!

Congratulations to those of you who have completed this ride - in my experience it's a toughie!!



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Unlucky Rich :( It's congestion and roadworks that scupper most rides as we can usually handle weather.

Maybe if you try again at anytime and you have to bail on the The Full Monty, a normal 4 corners in 36 hours might still be possible. In which case if you went the same direction and were out of hours when you were near JOG then a receipt from Wick will suffice. Lowestoft has the 24hr Tesco plus another 24hr fuel station a few miles away too. :)


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It's been interesting reading what different people have written about their rides, particularly this one as I am planning to attempt this later in the year, one thing I have noticed is the mileage people are getting out of a tank of fuel.... looks like I will be stopping twice as much as everyone else, I struggle to get 150 miles out of a tank...... at least I will get to stretch my legs....lol


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You have to know where the fuel stops are so you can run well into the reserve... my Tiger 800 does 20 miles after it shows completely empty.


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My 'new' GS runs out still showing 100 miles and half a tank! I don't think the fuel gauge can handle the much reduced rate that fuel drains from the main tank when the auxiliary tanks are being used. So now I keep the fuel tap on one closed until it splutters, then use it as an 8 litre/80 mile reserve tank.

This is after the dealer I bought it from had the local BMW dealer do something to fix the fuel sender unit - at a cost of £400!



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Is your aux tank gravity fed? If so keep it turned on it will top up as the main tank level reduces liquid will always find it's own level.
Use your trip meter rather than the fuel gauge.


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When I had my 18 litre auxiliary tank on my FJR the only real way it would work was to fill both tanks then open the auxiliary one from the off. As the main tank used fuel this would then draw fuel from the auxiliary. This would mean the fuel guage just stayed on full until nearly 200 miles at which point it would then start going down. This meant the auxiliary had been drained so I could reach back and close the tap. :)


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17 litre aux on my FJR, wait until it goes into reserve, open the tap and 15 minutes later the main tank is 3/4 full. No pumps, just gravity.