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I have a 2018 goldwing. I use good winter gloves and have heated grips. I have a pair of heated gloves that I have used once.

I wonder if muffs will add an extra level of comfort?

Does anyone have any experience with hippo hands vs Wunderlich muffs vs the Oxford Super Handlebar muffs?

Any experience using them on a newer goldwing?


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I have the 'Oxford Bone Dry' muffs earlier version of the Oxford Super Handlebar muffs for my Honda but its not a Goldwing. I just use them with my Buffalo or Frank Thomas winter gloves, no heated gloves or heated grips and my hands remain toasty warm hour after hour. So much so at times I've had to change into my Frank Thomas summer gloves.

They're not perfect and my cons for the Bone Dry Muffs are it can be a bit of an effort to fit them, if the orientation isn't just right or the wrap around is not just so they can fill with rain. Once or twice on the road I've had to resort to duct tape to keep the rain from ingressing the wrap over parts. They need additional stiffening to stop them folding in on clutch/brake lever at speeds over 50 or 60 mph, I fit a pair of track style bar end lever guards which work just fine but adds to the install effort. In use they take a bit of getting used to in slide your hands in/out as opposed to the normal lifting your hands off of the bars.

Would I recommend them? Yes. They are the best solution I've found to keep the wind chill off the back of the hands with heated grips they'd probably be too warm. I only use mine in January and February (UK temperatures around +5°C to -5°C plus wind chill) and only then if it gets too cold for my Buffalo winter gloves with Seal Skin gloves underneath.
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I had the hippo hands with the FJR. I've since moved on to the 2018 Goldwing, but the Hippo's require a "skeleton" to hold them in place. I had installed guards on the FJR but sold them with the bike. So now I've got to figure out a way to hold the hippo's in place. I was surprised at how little info there is to adding these to the GW, as the biggest plus side is the ability to keep your hands dry as well as warmer. I highly recommend some sort of cover (haven't tried the others), as on a long ride, you've got a good chance of coming up on weather.


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Fair point @sector7g originally purchased mine to combat wind chill. Big bonus, fitted correctly, they also keep your hands bone dry. I think its the nature of all muffs to require a skeleton to keep them in place, my solution was a pair of track style lever guards.

Something like this, cheap as chips off fleabay

lever guards.jpg


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I've got the Hippo Hands "Alcan" and I've "field tested" them down to 20F with summer gloves; they work so well I had to turn _down_ the heated grips! They're a thicker material I mentally think of as "neoprene" -- not sure that's exactly what they are, but *hand_wave* I'll also echo @JohnR about keeping you dry; I've taken to carrying them on any trip where rain is a possibility... packing-wise, they don't scrunch or "crush" or fold down terribly well; the best solution is to sort of nest them down and make them a liner of sorts in the bottom of your luggage.

Attachment for the HH is relatively straightforward, a couple flaps of velcro and a sturdy snap button, a little apron "flap" that wraps around the handlebars, and a cutout to accommodate the mirror stalk.


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I've been thinking of making some 'hippo hands' of sorts, custom fit to go over my Touratech hand guards. if the northern border opens I want to ride to Alaska. I think they'd be a good combo with my lil' Beemer's heated grips.