Has anyone been successful with an electronic submission?

Just submitted my first certification for SS1000 & BB1500 via electronic submission. Paid for the Full monty Combo through the store, and then sent an email with all the details. Do not have an IBA# nor a Premier member. Hoping that the que is small and I get certified quickly. Anyone know the certification time for first timers with so little riding happening?


Premier Member
I submitted a ride to the regular group instead of the premier group March 3rd. (Goofed up the email address.) I got an email with the invoice and "Congratulations..." on April 25th. Looks like about 7 weeks processing time for the non-premier group. I don't see why there would be a significant difference if you don't already have an IBA#, but I am not privy to such information. I'd say, plan on 8 weeks and be happy if it's faster. I suspect it will be more like 6 weeks due to the significantly reduced riding right now. Also, congratulations and welcome to the club.