HD Suspension Upgrade Front and Rear Suggestions.


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Looking at upgrading my suspension on my 2017 Road Glide Ultra for both front and rear (air). The brands I have researched are ohlins, Legends, Progessive and Arnott.

Any personal opinions with experience are welcome.
I ride a 2015 Roadglide Special and I have upgraded both my front and rear suspension. The front end was upgraded with a Legends Axeo kit.

Another brand that is generating a lot of buzz in the Harley community is Pro-Action suspension. After a bit of research I decided to go with them and ordered a set of their 13” Street series shock. Made in USA and comes with warranty and free rebuilds. Quality and customer support/service was outstanding and gave me a lot of confidence in their product
What did you decide on for the forks? Are you happy with the decision?
I have Ohlin 772 shocks on the rear and am thinking about upgrading the forks in the near future.

Dr. Tiki

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I have nearly 200K miles on JRi Shocks and love them. They had to be rebuilt twice due to use, but they never failed.