Heated clothing for Oz

Grey Gentry

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I use two brands/types of vest/jacket depending on the ride and the conditions;

For shorter rides Summer/autumn weather I use a Oxford heated vest with batteries. The batteries last up to about 3-4 hrs no problems

For a longer ride or typical Canberra winters day i use a First Gear jacket and controller from the States (purchased in Minneapolis at IBR17) and this is powered off the bike. Outstanding! Used in today's commute to Sydney in sub zero conditions and fog. Warm as!



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Hey I have the top value Venture Gear from Zarkie. Awsome gear. Plug and play. The jacket even has a wireless remote control that can be mounted anywhere or in tank bag.
They have jackets. Pants innersoles and glove liners or full gloves.
Easy to deal with as well.


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So all this powered heated gear has got me thinking about what has always worked for me.
This current bike has heated grips had it over a year and used them for the first time e couple of weekends back. Second/mid range setting up the New England north of Armidale for an hour or so and they are nice....but not a deal breaker, Ive been real cold for much much longer.

Last year during the Aldi sales I bought two sets of the thermals and two MidLayer marino tops.
I use a Dry rider Summit Pro jacket and liner and those Dryrider AirFlow trouser Both still with armour.I tell you this so a reader understands the outer shell in this instance.
This kit has been used on my previous bike an ST1300 and this current bike an s10. Polar oposits in many ways but both upright riding bikes.
I use a silk bali under the lid as Ox does and summer weight gloves with thermals. I like the feel and Ive tried Hypo hands and passed them on. I do spend a bit of time making sure its all sorted but been doing it so long its second nature and does not hinder the fast stops.
What Im probably pointing to is that the Aldi under-layers gear seems to work very well. Thus far Ive not found myself in a cold weather stress situation when some other gear has let me down under similar circumstances. To clarify. This set up has seen a 1 minus 5 for three hourse and four minus3 ride in the 2 to 4 hour duration. Ive not one reservation about 0300 starts from Armidale NSW south is easier north not so but not a show stopper.

If you cant afford the gear thus-far mentioned then maybe take a moment to grab some thermals from Aldi and a midLayer marino. Their thermals crap over dririder 15 to one.

3 cents spent. My time to go now.


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Well said Gatey. I follow similar principles in that I deck myself out to retain my own body heat. Thermals are the go.
Hence as I’ve said earlier, my only concessions to external heat besides the heated grips are heated socks.


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Hi Nico.
I use knee length Bamboo socks. The Thermals down over the top and this seems to works well. But my boots are exposed below the lower ankle.
My foot only. No wind can get in but the foot is covered only by sock and boot leather. Heated socks or heavier /thicker boots?


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My heated socks are Lycra oversocks wired for heat. You can wear them next to your skin if wanted. Only ever needed less than half in the temp range.
As long as your boots are waterproof, no need to buy heavier ones.
Warm & Safe brand of course.