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Dear all,
Looking for heated gear I came across the website warmandsafe in the USA. In Europe you get, inter alia, Gerbing as premium brand in stores and you can go and try it on. I was wondering how you rate the gear from warm and safe? Is it better than Gerbing? What would you recommend? I like to thin heat layer shirt.
thanks for the feedback.

Uncle Zoom

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Everybody will have their own opinion. I currently own, Tour Master, Gerbing and Warm & Safe with the remote Heat-troller. My favorite by far is the Warm & Safe. It warms more like an electric blanket with no hot or cold spots. At least that's my experience.

Shawn K

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Go with Warm and Safe. Build quality on the others is not as good since most of the companies started getting their product co-man'd by Venture Heat in China.

I've owned other brands, and I now own Warm and Safe.

Kim Leeson

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The Thin Shirt is great, less bulk, several of us UK riders have them, no issues with performance. But I advise a thin tech shirt underneath, otherwise, it can get quite 'warm' on the skin.


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I have heated gear but recently I got plenty cold riding in 26 degrees for extended time out by Mesquite Nevada. Subsequently I added another heat troller #3 to the set up. I plan to run #1. heated gloves, #2. Heated jacket liner with heated pants liner, 3. Inner heated vest or 2nd jacket liner.
Btw my hands are toasty with heated grips, Ken Phenix heated gloves covered by oilcloth or lobster over mitts.
I will ride in my 1 piece aerostitch instead of my usual jacket and pants to seal from drafts.
Does anyone else do this? g.


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My first Warm and safe jacket lasted 7 years and to many miles to count . It gave out the arms during a SS 1000 that 600 of it was in the rain @ 48 degrees F . However the core still worked keeping me going . I have their glove liners now , and socks . Great stuff well made , and lasts .


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I have a decade-old Gerbing heated liner (microwire) and it's still working the few times I need it annually. Those that have W&S also enjoy their purchase.

The technology has come a long way in a generation.
I have what is probably a couple decade plus old Gerbing with a Harley Logo on it still working fine. I did swap out the SAE plug it came with for a coax style 7 or 8 years ago. One of these days I may have to upgrade.