I'm living in Aylesbury and now trying to figure out a route for SS1000, a simple one, as I'm not a member, I hope I will do it in that year when the weather will be more predictable ;)


I'm riding BMW R1200RT LC will be upgrading in few days with Sargent seats, hope they will be much improvement over stock seats on which I'm feeling a bit of discomfort after 150miles

I'm working as an IT Consultant and I'm a one2one diet consultant :p

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Morning theveggiebiker, welcome to the IBA forum. before you ride your route you can send it to our verifier and he will check it for you,
Or you could ride one of the SS1000 routes in June and get membership straight away so long as you get all the required receipts.
I also have an R1200 RT LC , I know what you mean about the stock seat. I went for the Russell All Day long seat, made a world of difference.
Welcome to Insanity as we say.