Hidden(not mentioned) rides

I was wondering if someone could provide a list of the hidden(not mentioned) rides that are currently avail but not mentioned on the "Big List"? I did my first SS1000 the other week and am already addicted and want to plan the next. I saw a post for the Atomic Ride and would love to do something like that but it is a little out of my range for now. Hoping someone could post some other funky rides that are a little closer to PA.
Thank you in advance.


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They aren't "hidden" per se, and I don't know if there is a list or not. Some of these simply started out as part of a Rally or other event. The Gator 1000 was part of the IBA Pizza party event, for example. The Atomic 1000 sort of started with the LOE rally, which was always put on over the weekend in the Fall when the Trinity Site was open. It was always a bonus location during the LOE. It's available in the Spring as well.

You can think up and create your own theme rides too. It may not end up on any list, just be your own personal theme. From Hope to President, as an example. Hope, AR to Clinton, AR to Clinton, PA is 1076 miles. (Hope, AR is Bill Clinton's hometown.) Do that and you may be the first. ;)

Considering the oil history in PA, you could probably have some fun making up a ride around that. There are a lot of cool historical spots in PA.