Honda vtx1300c

Are you planning to use it as an auxiliary tank for you C? If so where are you going to mount it? Or is it to be used as a replacement? What kind of connection does the tank have on it now? Post a picture of the outlet if you can.
I am mounting it on the back.Building my own rack, everything will be bolted. It will look like a monster with two heads. I'm ordering a new petcock so I can run it easily.


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Maybe look into how the ST1300 guys are tapping into the main tank, might be similar for the VTX. I know the engine is different but the fueling system may be similar if not the same.
The 1300 has a carburetor so it's much simpler than the ST. One top of that it is a vacuum petcock, but has an actual off position so it could be as simple as a tee in the line and turn off the VTX petcock and run the auxiliary tank until dry then turn on the VTX petcock and run it as normal. That's how I would do it.