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All our bikes come with factory fitted horns. I used mine some years ago during a noisy demo ride when we were all trying to make as much noise as possible. Since then I have triggered my horn several times, almost always by accident when my thumb missed the indicator switch but once when sitting behind some dozy car driver who hadn't noticed that the light had turned green 30 seconds ago.

When do you exercise your horn?


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“When do you exercise your horn?”

When ever I see any car driver with a mobile phone to the ear... it’s normally complemented with flashing lights and a quick, vigorous hand gesture...you know the one...side to side...forefinger touching thumb...;)
Like Kim, I cover my horn when approaching some intersections depending on the circumstances. Used when someone is more engrossed with their cell phone when the light changes to green - actually any distraction, but nowadays it appears to be mostly cell phones, though there was that one guy eating a bowl of cereal whilst sitting at the light... I'm quick on the horn when someone tries to kill me by trying to share my lane or drifting - more often than not, because of cell phone use... Seems to be a recurring theme here.
use mine all the time. always when approaching cyclists, they seem to be unaware of approaching traffic from behind and do random things.
other occasions include hump back bridges when the road ahead is blind etc, or if i just want to make some one aware.
so i'm using on nearly every ride.

beep beep!


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Or in my case 'parp parp.'

I really should get round to fitting a Denali Soundbomb or similar.

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I thought it would be about the pleasant Norfolk hamlet on the Broads and I was going to wax lyrical about the October half terms I used to spend fishing and pretending I was in swallows and amazons or the big six in a sailing dinghy

Then I read about exercising the horn – goodness meo_O:)


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I try not to use my horn. It is not often an audible warning is required and it's only good for pedestrians and cyclists as most drivers are in a World of their own with music and other distractions.

When I was a Harley rider I was always buying the loudest badest horn I could fit on as it was mainly for parades and such.

I'll have a go on mine today and see what it sounds like.

Of course, there is always this use of the horn! Horn

Love, light and kindness.