Hydration System questions

Hi all,
What type of personal hydrating system do you use, i.e. Plastic gallon cooler, Camelbak, etc. ? Where do mount/put it on the bike?
Goal is to have cold water.
Thanks in advance. Please email me vs replying lot both is
At the 2019 IBR start looking at Danny Dossman's hydration system which I believe is nicely done, because it uses a vacuum sealed (yeti type) container and a stainless steel holder that fit the container with an almost vacuum type seal. When I returned home I started to look for the parts to create my own simply because it looked nice and the vacuum sealed containers keep your drink cooler; longer. What I came up with on the cheap is the RTIC brand 1 gallon container/thermos, an OGGI brand stainless steel jumbo utensil holder. (7"Dx 7"H), and a 20.5"x7" section of a insulated freezer bag.( what you get to keep your cold grocery stuff cold from the store to the house) perfect fit just like Danny D's. I'm mounting mine to the rear footpeg.



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Hi all,
I finally bought the system Garauld TechWorks LLC.
I had to order the 1/2 gallon size because I have the Wunderlich rear case protection bars on my 2018 R1200RT. I ordered the 1 gallon at first but it is too big and wouldn’t fit!
Gary the owner has been GREAT to work with in making it and quickly shipping it.
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