IBA Australia - 20th Anniversary 50CC Ride

Congratulations & thanks to everyone involved in planning, organising, participating, supporting & anyone else I may have forgot! What a ride, great photos, awesome people!

Time for a well earned drink (I’m already with beer in hand opposite the bar at the Midway) :p
Well done Sam!!! Enjoy that drink ;)
I’m a bit worried about that bloke photobombing in the background :D


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Congratulations & thanks to everyone involved in planning, organising, participating, supporting & anyone else I may have forgot! What a ride, great photos, awesome people!

Time for a well earned drink (I’m already with beer in hand opposite the bar at the Midway) :p
Congrats to you Sam!!! an awesome ride and adventure.
Can't wait to hear the story that goes with it.


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Well that was an adventure, as you are all aware it’s the things that go wrong on these rides that become the defining moments , the unexpected, we had our fair share of that this time. Everyone stepped up.

Congratulations to those who completed their first 50cc, it’s a milestone, certainly was for me.

Many thanks to Lyn ,Michael and Derek for putting this together, I know I bitched about the start time, but I’m so happy to be involved.

Many thanks to all the people that come from all over to the start of these little escapades, even after all these years I find that to be a very humbling experience.

After a lazy day in Darwin on Sunday, I left at a reasonable hour on Monday morning, feeling a little second hand, and headed for SE Qld.
I came good around lunch time and am now sitting in Monto after completing a 3k/36 run. Life is good and so is the glass of red in front of me.

Lastly I would like congratulate Hackle ,being I believe, the the oldest person to complete a 50 cc on this continent , and he did it with style.

Martin Little

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Just picking up on Vlad's point, Hackle is an absolute legend!

Day 2 (Marla to Darwin) Hackle and I were leap frogging each other as we headed northwards, before we settled into a natural rhythm just north of Alice Springs, where we shared the ride all the way into Darwin.

He cruised along comfortably with me in the afternoon heat (the worst part of the day), we shared a few laughs at my poor selection of servos in Tennant Creek and was good/solid company to have as we made our way through the bushfires near Larrimah.

He was then on hand to help me at Katherine when I tried to choke myself to death with a roast beef sandwich, followed by a coughing fit that led to a nose bleed. He must have been questioning his life choices then!

He then took point from Katherine in the dark, while i chugged along in his slipstream regathering myself before we swapped lead at Adelaide River for the final leg into Darwin.

A 50CC is not an easy ride, and Hackle as the elder rider amongst our group showed great determination and stamina, while always being cheerful along the way.

Here we are sharing a moment at Adelaide River NT. Thanks Hackle, great memories!


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Bloody LEGENDS all of you!!!

Great pics Martin & LTP/Fatman

I had the absolute pleasure of Hackle calling me while he was having his breakfast this morning. You could hear the cheer in his voice....just wished I could've been there to give him a hug.

I believe has has arrived home now to the lovely Elwin and no doubt looking forward to a home cooked meal and his own bed.

Once again can't wait for hackles report also.


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While we are waiting for a few of the 50CC riders to get home from different parts of Aust I thought I would give a few of my thoughts on this whole IBA Australia - 20th Anniversary 50CC Ride.

What started as a little idea in my head, started to create momentum early on with a lot of interest from IBA riders.

A big thanks to the following people for making the 20th Anniversay 50CC so successful (Hope I didn't miss anyone).

LTP for her ideas and support along the way. Sorry we had to retire at Marla but I think it was the best decision at the time seeing final drive oil was spraying/flinging over the rear wheel and tyre and also the rear brake disc. I lost count on the number of sms's or phone calls we got ensuring we were both ok, much appreciated.

TJ and Skidoo who whole heartledly loved and embraced the concept from the start. Thanks guys.

Pillion Piglet for your expertise and design ideas for special certificate for this ride. Thanks Bec.

Derrick who thought from the get go that this was an idea he wanted to get involved with. Derrick also contacted Bernard Petherbridge, John McCrindle and Bill Thweatts, three of the original foresome to fill them in on what was happening.

Bernard Petherbridge much appreciate you for coming to the start and waving us all off. It was great to have you there Bernard and contributing.

Sorry that John McCrindle couldn't make it due to his bike insurance issue, but Derrick did read out John's good wishes message at the start. Thanks John.

Bill Thweatts thanks for your message, Derrick is going to try to put that on this forum when he gets home.

To all that made the lunch and or dinner at the Guiding Star, I think it added to the overall excitement and build up to this ride, thank you all and a big thumbs up to Kimmie who organised the dinner.

Simon Bell, sorry you were feeling crook on the morning of the start and couldn't ride, thanks for getting to Brooklyn and glad you made it home ok.

To all the supporters that came to the start and supported all the riders was fantastic to see, I wont mention individuals as I will miss someone for sure. I think there was about 10 of you all together, wow! Thank you all!

I will mention Ox and Shane (ACT Capo) who were both at the start to cheers us on while they were in the middle of their individual SS1600's celebrating this milestone, much appreciated guys.

Finally we had 9 riders & 1 Pillion that started out from Port Melbourne with 8 successfully completing their 50CC (Subject to varification), to Derrick, Hackle, Spaz, Vlad, Sam, Wombattle, Martin and Roadbandit, some who had never attempted a Coast to Coast before so a HUGE well done to you all and you certainly had to ride through some very trying conditions. Can't wait for some ride reports to filter through.

OK so that's a wrap from me for now, see you out there on the road I guess.
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