IBA package delivery

submitted our ride documents on jun 16th. Recieved confirmation and verification of the ride on Aug 2. On Aug 3rd recieved invoice for the "full monty". Does anyone know How long does it usually takes to receive the package?

Thanks in advance


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I've only got two certified rides under my belt. (COVID really threw a wrench into my plans.) Both of those certs arrived in the mail a few days after I got the invoice and paid for them. I don't recall the exact shipping time, but it was definitely less than a week. If I were you, I'd plan on a week of transit time and be happily surprised when it arrives ahead of schedule. Oh, congratulations on the ride. They are tons of fun aren't they?

Like Tom said, the waiting is the hardest part.
Thanks, one of our riders wasn't able to go when we planned. So we discussed doing it again. But so far no plans. We had a blast. I think when I am old and senile I will still remember that trip. We did the ss1k first day then it turned into a scenic route through AZ, NM, Col, and back down into TX. My battery died and got stranded but even so it was amazing. I assumed the wait would be three months. But we submitted everything electronically. So they seemed to get it done quicker. Now we are chomping at the bit to get the goods. Thanks for the input. Be safe


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I'm looking at weather apps right now for my next IBA ride. Maybe I should ask about approval time BEFORE I ride. ;)

Or not.
Well things worth having take time. I am in my 50s now and besides the purchase of my new motorcycle, waiting for this package made me feel like a little kid again waiting for Christmas to arrive.
I submitted my Iron Butt National Parks Tour -- Master Traveler Award Silver package Two years ago as of September 25. I also made contact via this
forum trying to inquire about what else I needed to do. Please advise me on the next steps. At two years either the package got lost or is not going to be processed for some reason. Do I need to send the entire package as hard copies?
Any real response other than the auto generated response would be welcome. I would also be glad to pay in advance, but was told not to send any money until it was processed.


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It would seem as though your paperwork got lost somehow. If I were you, I'd resubmit everything electronically.

Or maybe you missed an email asking for payment and they are just waiting for you to pay for the certification. If that's the case, @Ira should be able to find out easily. He is good at things like that. He might be a wizard or something.