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Ira :

Are there any tickets left for the IBR Award Dinner on Friday June 28th ? I don't see anything about the tickets in the eStore.
I'm not looking for a ticket for myself, but have had a few Riders that are doing the IBR SS1K ask me about the tickets.
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Thanks Ira. I knew you would point us in the correct direction. But I have a feeling the tickets may be sold out. The Premier email said to buy tickets through the eStore at the XTESTDONOTUSE link. No tickets now shown at that link.


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I hate to be the one to tell you this Paul, but for some reason in 2017 the IBA wasn't allowing tickets to be re-sold. Maybe this year they have a different policy. Better check with Lisa before you buy someone's ticket to be on the safe side.

Good Luck !


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You may re-sell or gift your extra tickets but the purchaser must pick them up in person the day of the banquet and then distribute them accordingly.