If you are waiting on a certification... Check Paypal for billing!

I have been on pins and needles waiting for my Certification and package of goodies.

I did my ride September 1, I was invoiced by the IBA on the 17th of September and never noticed it until tonight when I went to PayPal to check for a payment to me!

Never received any funding request from Paypal!!!

Now I am stoked to plan my next few rides after winter leaves the area....
Do the Premier Program now that you got your certificate... Pins and Needles just become Pins. :) Congrats!
I requested that when I submitted my package. I did pay for it and wish to support the community, and the benefits to me are quite worth it. Dount I will use it to get into an IBR anytime soon due to work/life. But for IBA rides it will be worth it to me.

Just bumming since I wish I had seen the bill sooner, not sure why PAYPAL didn't inform me of a bill. I would have had everything 7 weeks ago!

Already have 2 more SS1k's in PA and Ohio mapped for a back to back planned for when the weather gets nice enough to ride again. May even add a third state to the mix. Also have a few Great Lake rides mapped out as well.