Improving the poor fuel range of a KTM


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Good and nice Work!
I know some of the Problems....
The connection to the OEM Tank is always an issue. Also the Air intake wit hout spilling if the Bike is falling down...
...and alowing free flow to the lower tank.
I solved the spilling problem with an intake tube inside to other side and a tight tank cap.
The 15 Liter Tank is a separate one within a topcase box with adapter to a Hepco and Becker topcaseholder. So I can change it from bike to bike.. I use a fuel line metal connector and a ground wire connector.
That works with the most bikes within the formerly IBA regulations ....
It is not street legal in Germany, but the tank is pressurized with certificate an could be TÜVed.. and legalized....

The metal work is perfectly done by :RMS Metalwork Würzburg Kist (D)

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Ok The Wight is in the back and:
putting some additional bottles of wine into the topcase forgetting this and driving a gravel road is not good for the hepco holder