Integrating uhf - Sena SR10?


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Is the sr10 still the way to go for integrating a uhf/cb radio into a Bluetooth headset?

If so how do people do gps/ phone/ radio?

At the moment I have my phone calls running through my gps (zumo590)but the media(music) straight to the headset(seems to work more reliably that way) . I dont use voice instructions from the GPS.
Would I run GPS and phone calls through the sr10 with the radio and still have music connected straight to the headset?


chapt 7 of the manual will help. I have used this setup before

connect 10R to gps (use phone pairing)
connect phone to gps (use bluetooth pairing on gps and phone)
connect 10R to SR10 (use multipoint pairing)
cable connect 10R to UHF

This allowed for music from the gps (and instructions) phone calls rx and tx through the gps and the UHF directly to the headset. Make sure you have updated both sena devices with latest updates
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