Interested in doing a 50CC ?


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I left Wollongong at 1:30 am Saturday morning to meet the boys at Coogee beach to make sure that they take the right exit to Perth.

There were a few bikes around that time of the morning. Freddo getting ready on his new GoldWing

Others were discussion the ride

We left right on time at 3:30 am and rode down to Gundagai. There were probably a dozen or even more bikes leaving Coogee Beach. They left at various stages up to Marulan. Just passed Yass

Simon from Canberra was waiting on the side of the road and rode with us. We were 6 bikes now.

We arrived at Gundagai at 7:10 for fuel

And kept going

I stopped to take this pic on the way to Hay

And we ran into cattle farming

Re-fueal at Hay and these 4 bikes continued their journey to Perth

Michael & Lynne, Simon and myself turned around at Hay and went back home.

I decided to take a bit of a detour to get home. Bad mistake, I ran into some very heavy traffic on the Midwestern Highway between Hay and West Wyalong

It was hot, very hot on this 257 km boring track. I had to stop a couple of times to wake up

I re-fuelled at Forbes and continued to Parkes and Orange where I had a burger with the lot

Arrived at home at 10pm after a nice SS1600 since I only had 1 day to ride :confused::D:Do_Oo_O

Good luck to the rest of the ride to the boys


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The boys ready to tackle the next leg of the ride. Abe, Freddo, Skidoooo & KiwiMartin


Last time I was at that servo I headed on to Ivanhoe and had to do 30km of dirt to get to 23.00hrs, I didn't know which was more important to look out for, Roo's, cows or pot holes:confused:


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I was extremely disappointed in my failure to make the sign-off for the lads at the Coogee departure point. My day was all planned. A decent ride starting Friday morning , finishing with some signatures at Coogee around 03:00 Saturday.

At around 13:30hrs on Friday my ride came to a premature end at this rather inconvenient location

At around 100kph on the Thunderbolts Way (heading from Walcha back to Gloucester), my BMW dash came alive with a flashing red warning light. As I backed off the throttle I searched for an indication of the problem ..... and there it was .... the front tyre indicator displaying a rapid loss of pressure. When I first made eye contact with the pressure reading it was 29psi. By the time I was able to throttle off and bring the bike to a safe halt on the side of the road it was down to 12psi. No phone signal at all.

The damaged section of tyre was in the "valley" between the tread. Two tyre plugs later, the leak was still too significant to hold any decent pressure. I activated my SPOT assistance button, which is programmed to seek the cooperation of my wife to contact BMW Motorrad road service.

I pulled to a stop around 13:30 on Friday. It took until 10:00am Saturday for this assistance to arrive.

Needless to say, I could not make the sign-off. My sincere apologies to all.


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In defence of BMW, they contacted around six service providers around the local area (including the NRMA contractor in Gloucester) and all declined to come out to that location on a Friday afternoon\evening.


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That is pretty crap service Tele - not by BMW, but by the 6 providers. There's NRMA at Walcha and Gloucester. I don't recognise the location from your pic (don't usually look sideways on that road), but by definition it must have been less than 75km from one end or the other of Thunderbolts well within daylight business hours.

The Taree guy has had to drive 75km just to get to Gloucester before starting the north run on Thunderbolts itself.

How did you get on overnight?

By the way I have a dedicated bike trailer here at home that is always ready to go.


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Absolutely fantastic effort guys, one you will remember for a long time.


Some pics from the FarRider forum

they done it :up :up

some of the welcoming party
Tele ... not good at all. A most unfortunate and unnecessary event. Great that you were able to catch the leak before it caused you a catastrophe. But that wait for service ... most unhelpful.:(


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Tele sorry to hear of your long wait for the truck. That is bad service imagine if it was winter and freezing cold.

Did you swag it beside the bike for the night Tele?

I have SPOT help button set up by the sounds of it similar to you in that my message is sent to a couple of mates saying "Broken down with no phone serv please call BMW assist" .. Tele did that work ok for Louise when she rang BM, I assume she gave them the Coordinates of where you were?

Glad you got picked up ok in the end.