Interstate 80 End to End Concerns, Nov/Dec ?


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Brothers and Sisters,
Any concerns about an Interstate 80 End to End during Nov 28th week into Dec 4th, 2022?
I've ridden Rte 80 from NY to Iowa City, in the summer time, but it's beyond that that I'm uncertain about.
More over the weather at changing elevations, and temps below 40 degrees, is there any risk of snow and ice at that time of the year? So I guess I'm just inquiring about weather and road conditions to West of Iowa City like in, Kearney, NB, Cheyenne, SLC, Reno and S.F. Have any of you had recent experiences during that crossing in the end of Nov. For gear I'm riding a 2016 BMW R1200RTLC with seasoned Pilot 4 tires, good lights, floorboards, highway pegs, heaters, Gerbings everywhere, Aerostich and Schuberth FF, Corbin with an Airhawk seat.
I have safe haven in 5 locations during my crossing, tools at 2, and my sister's house upon completing the 101 split down near Zuckerberg San Franciso General Hospital.
Any heads up advice would be much appreciated.
Jim S, Long Island, NY
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While going to the University of Wyoming in Laramie the 70's, I drove the 103 miles on I-80 to Rawlins nearly every weekend to work at my dad's jewelry store. This stretch of highway is called the "Sno-Chi-Min Trail" and is the nation's most-closed Interstate section due to weather. The good news is that old Highway 30 goes north around the worst of this nasty stretch and generally has better driving conditions while adding only 14 miles.

This northern route was pioneered in the 1860's by the transcontinental railroad. 50 years later, the Lincoln Highway wisely followed alongside. In the 1960's, the Interstate engineers should have taken the hint, but Washington didn't listen.

As others have said, you should check the weather conditions and

Shawn K

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This stretch of highway is called the "Sno-Chi-Min Trail" and is the nation's most-closed Interstate section due to weather.
And what many people who've never been in that part of the country in winter don't realize is, when that Interstate closes, you're forced off the Interstate. The police don't care what kind of vehicle you're in, or whether or not you have accommodations. You're shut down until the weather clears, the roads are taken care of, and the highway re-opens. It's not because they're lazy, it's because the conditions can be life-threatening.

There's no way that I'd do an I-80 E2E at this time of year. The OP would be potentially taking his life into his own hands attempting something like that in late November/early December. So hopefully he's thinking twice about it.
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No way that I would consider such a trip in late November. I drive truck for a living and used to run out there every week. Portions of that road can become a concern any time after Labor Day, even though that would usually be a bit early in the season to worry. I've been shut down for a couple days at a time on that road numerous times over the years. It can happen anytime between late September and late April. The biggest trouble spots are anywhere between Cheyenne and Salt Lake City, as well as between Reno and Sacramento. Nebraska and Wyoming are windy any time of year but can get really ugly in the fall and winter. To be honest, I am very happy that I don't travel that road during the winter anymore!
The Donner party tried it, did not work well for them.

Joking aside, 80 in the winter regularly closes for snow in many locations. If you have a long stretch of good weather it’s doable but expect freezing conditions for a good portion west of Cheyenne and definitely over the passes.
Just one mountain pass closure and you’re out of contention. Late spring/early summer would offer up better temps and roadway conditions.
Reno, NV


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Hello Fellow Riders, The OP here,

Just an update...

Your suggestions have NOT fallen on deaf ears, I am still under my roof.

I’ve done some research, and Interstates 90 and 80 now have closures. My contacts in Fort Collins say that there are dangerous conditions on I 70, West of Cheyenne WY, despite my contact in SLC saying that south of him is still open into NV and CA.
I have a colleague in Amarillo, TX who is only 3 miles from I 40 and he says that there has been black ice west of him towards Flaggstaff, and of course the tornado events that my friend in Houston that went north, and are now taking down homes in Northern MS and in TN, none of that is helping matters.

I will stand fast, y’ maties, so no worries there!

Though I’ll admit that my new Yellow SW Motech 600 Bag sure looks nice all packed up and strapped down on the 12RTLC ready to go, but I’ll just have to be mindful of the thawing seasons in May and see if I can put it back on the books for 2023!

In my research though there has been some downright scarry [Youtube] footage from all of your brother long haulers in and out of snowy conditions making your runs thru the Rocky Mountains and the like and I do tell you, I know have a newfound respect for all of my 18-wheeler road mates, of which many of you are included in that list!

Thank you again for all your invaluable inputs JimEdwards, Mike, Terrywerm,, Bugs, Igneouss, Iakotta, Shawn K, EricV, Stephen, Brenchley, and BigLew55.
I’ll admit, I am crazy, but I’m not stupid [my wife likes that about me the most!] and thanks for keeping my keys on the hook this time 'round.

Ride Hard, Ride Long, I hope to see you out there some day!

Jim on Long Island

For your viewing pleasure:
Really enjoyed your video and narration of your Saddlesore rides. Looks like the weather gods looked favorably on your journey. Well, most of the time anyway.
Sleet and snow over Donner Pass at the moment (todays low was 7 but the high will reach 31.