Introducing the SantaSore1600K and the SleighBurner2500K


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Even for some of us in the northern latitudes, there could be opportunities to execute such a ride.

I've already accomplished two SS1000 rides in late December. I don't think I'd get the chance to do one this year, but nice idea for a theme! ;)

Chris Wiltshire

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SpotWalla Location page is setup for anyone doing a SantaSore or a SleighBurner ride. The join links is: - **The join password is 'chrimbo'.** - it's open for all to view, if you want to share your active Trip, then make sure it's public and a link will show on the bottom of your info when someone clicks your icon. It may be worth putting some timing details of your ride in the title of your trip so that people know when your Trip will be active. :) - A BIG THANKS to Jason Jonas again, for all you do with your amazing SpotWalla system!...

Those who just want to view it, go here: