Iron Butt Application


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I hope you get your patch soon. I’m sure you were smarter then I. Maybe this might help others reading the post .

I submitted mine in august same night I rode SS1K. I finally went back to check my sent email. Realized my pics where to big in file size and only two pics sent. Lack of sleep lol. I resubmitted again in nov. realizing I messed that up.

On their Facebook some ppl post when they receive their cert and patch and when they submitted it.
Was your ride something unique? With literal bread crumbs that you took pictures of with the ODO? Things do simply just get lost. PM Ira or re-submit if you mailed copies in.
Same ride that 2 friends did some weeks before. Then I did. Some weeks after a friend did and get the certification. Really, I tried to contact Ira a lot of times by email, got reply the first time but not anymore.
Also the 3th guy used my pictures and documents as a standard and did the same thing, same ride.

Friday, 18/Dec, a group of four will do the same ride again. I will lead the group for 1600km and follow the same procedures.
Hope Ira or Mike solve this previous ride. Btw we will submit the documents for the new ride and expect to get the certification.


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email isn't always the best way to contact the IBA. Multiple email addresses exist and some don't seem to be checked often. @Ira can be contacted reliably thru this forum via PM. Don't just wait for him to see something in the forum.

I always mailed in my applications in the past. Pretty much unknown if it was delivered until the check was cashed. Not sure I would trust the USPS at this point, given the inconsistencies I see local to me. Never mind international mail. Hopefully you can get this cleared up.