J&M system on 2015 R1200RT

Steve Bell

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For those that are interested in installing a J&M CB system for your RT (2015) there are a couple things you need to know:
1. I could not find any J&M CB mounts that would fit my R1200RT. There were several that worked for later models but not for the 2015. I settled on a Tech Mount and fabricated a platform that I could mount the CB radio to.
2. The FGA-345-12Rt, which is a floating ground adapter that connects the J&M CB to the stock stereo system on the RT, does not fit the 2015! You will need the FGA-345-16GTl for the 1200RT. The 16GTl fits all connections and works awesome.
3. The antennae mount on the rear does not really fit and has to be modified in order for it to work. The top case on my RT made this a little tricky. I ended up using spacers and having to drill 2 small holes into the rear of the bike to make the mount work. Secondly, with the changing of the mount it made the grounding of the unit challenging.

All in all, after a lot of trial and error and finding out what worked and did not work, i was able to get the system installed and working beautifully. If there is anyone that is thinking of installing a J&M system on their 2015 or later RT I would happy to provide any additional insight to make your installation easier.

The system works awesome !


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I have installed the J&M handlebar CB onto a R1200GSA. I also have a set of Clearwater lights and a Fuzeblock installed. I have a hum on transmit and receive. I have moved the wires numerous times, moved the switch control lead and moved power from the Fuzeblock to battery. I have been unable to get rid of the hum. Do you have any insights on what I could do?




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My guess: the LED lights are a known source of interference. Clearwater has a reputation for being very helpful. contact them and see what they can suggest.

Steve Bell

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Bill, i would agree with igneouss that the clearwaters are causing interference. In addition to calling Clearwater, I would reach out to Sierra Electronics (in Ohio). They were most helpful to me when I was having issues. My issues were the result of my antennae not being grounded well enough. I have Clearwater Ericas on my R1200RT and have not had any interference.

Good luck